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I have found videos to be of very limited usefulness. 
I have tried several uses of videos, but the only uses I have continued are:
Video clips of famous American speeches.  One can appreciate the power of the Gettysburg Address by reading it, but It is difficult to appreciate Martin Luther King's speeches without seeing and hearing the intonation, stresses, pauses, etc.  My students are familiar with the speech and have a printed copy in front of them when I play the video. 
As a supplement to reading.  For instance, I would play a segment of the movie Call of the Wild, so that my students would have a general idea of what would happen in the next chapter of the book.  This would pique their curiosity, and make the text easier to understand.  Unfortunately, most movies don't follow the book closely enough to make this exercise worthwhile.

We have tried some instructional videos, but in my opinion, class time is too valuable to waste with these passive activities.  They might have some value if the student could watch them on his own at home, but the cost usually prohibits this usage.       Frank Jones 724 Summerly Dr. Nashville, TN 37209