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Registration for the fall Semester 2019

You may register online below at any time for the fall semester 2019 at Belmont International English onlyThe Belmont International English program is taught by Frank Jones.  It is designed primarily for moderately advanced to advanced students of English.  English grammar and American history, culture and government are a part of the curriculum, but the emphasis is on verbal communication. 

Also at Belmont United Methodist Church there will be a program for less advanced students, including beginners.  Registration for these classes must be in person.   For information on registration, go to the link on the home page, or contact  Charles Hewgley

 If you are not sure which class is best for you, you may try the Belmont International English class.   If you find it too difficult, you may transfer to an easier class.  If you register for the easier class and find it is too easy for you, you may transfer to the BIE class.  We want you to be in the class that fits your needs best. 

For all of the classes at Belmont, including BIE and Belmont ESL, we request a one-time donation of $35 to cover the cost of copying for the entire academic year.  If this nominal fee will cause an economic hardship for you, you may privately notify your teacher and you will be marked paid.  We don't wany anyone to be denied English instruction because of inability to pay.   



Registration for Belmont International English

This form is for Belmont International English class only

No identification is required.  There are no prerequisites.  We ask for a donation of $35 per year to cover the cost of copies.  If you are not sure that this class is suited to your needs, register and come to some classes to see what we do. 


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 Sometimes it happens that I am unable to respond to registration requests because of some problem with email, or telephone, or both.  Some servers, like hanmail, consistently refuse my emails because they don't recognize my address. 

If you do not get a reply to your registration in two days, please email me directly at or call me at 615 352 3191.       Frank Jones 724 Summerly Dr. Nashville, TN 37209